Memory Foam

Why Memory Foam?

Conforming Memory Foam
  • It’s made using layers of comfortable memory foam.
  • As you move, it conforms to your every curve, delivering correct alignment for your neck and spine.
  • Minimizes motion transfer, so when you move your partner doesn’t.
 PostureCore System
  • An engineered high-density core that works in conjunction with TrueForm’s memory foam layers, providing orthopedically correct comfort, conformance and pressure relief for any body type.
  • Evenly distributes weight across the entire mattress surface.

Outlast® Smart Fabric
  • The fabric on the top surface manages your body heat to keep you comfortable – not too hot, not too cold.
  • Outlast® Smart Fabric cover features NASA certified space technology, originally developed to buffer astronauts against extreme temperatures in space.
TrueForm Foundation
  • This foundation creates a rigid surface for your TrueForm bed, enhancing the stability, support and overall performance of the mattress.