Latex Mattresses

Why Latex?

  • Provides consistent, long-lasting comfort so your mattress lasts longer.
  • Resists compression and wear over time.

  • Engineered Core

  • Depending on the model, each bed contains either a solid Smart Latex™ core or foam core. Both provide an instant support response to help your body relax into a deep sleep.
  • It promotes a healthier sleep environment for allergy sufferers. Smart Latex™ is antimicrobial and dust mites resistant.

  • Comfort System

  • Created from a unique combination of different densities of latex foam.
  • Provides individualized support for sleeping partners

  • Sealy’s Proprietary Smart Latex™ and the SuperSoft SealyForm®
    • The continuous pour process we use during manufacturing of our latex provides consistent comfort across the entire mattress surface without uncomfortable seams.
    Unique Pinhole Design and Open Cell Construction
    • Offers improved air circulation, breathability and resistance to heat and moisture.
    Can Be Used on Sealy’s PowerBase
    • If you desire, our adjustable base offers you the luxury of adjusting your mattress to various positions for maximum comfort (select models).
    FlameGuard Protection
    • Non-toxic, safe technology made from a blend of fire retardant fibers and proprietary materials that provide protection to you and your home.

    Much of the Latex used in Sealy mattresses is Locally manufactured in Mountaintop Pennsylvania.  Besides being Locally owned, our Product is locally made.